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by CCW on March 2, 2012

Melbourne is now spoiled for choice when it comes to Thai Restaurants. Virtually every suburb has a Thai Restaurant so you don’t have to go far to get yourself a tasty fix of Thai Food which is a great thing. In this post I want to take you through what I think makes a for a great Thai Restaurant based on my experiences from eating at various Thai Restaurants in Melbourne.

So what makes for a great Thai Restaurant? Personally, I feel there are 3 main components of a great dining experience. These are ambiance, service and of course the food itself.

thai restaurants melbourne

The first is ambience which I define as the ‘feel’ of a place. This is made up of lighting, colours and music/noise levels. For me, good ambiance in a Thai Restaurant is a combination of mid-low light, warm colours and nice music. You need the low light to create that relaxed, eastern feel which is reminiscent of Thailand. Then you need warm colours to compliment the warm and spicy flavours of the food. Some of the best Thai Restaurant interiors I have been to incorporate yellows, oranges and reds to good effect. Lastly the music should be at a low level and not too slow/boring. This could be a personal taste, but I prefer some upbeat or ‘happy’ music when I’m eating out to help create a great vibe.

In my experience, Thai Restaurants in Melbourne can have wildly different service levels. I have been waited on like a King in some places only to be ignored for 30 minutes in others. Why the variation? There are a lot of factors, but any Thai Restaurant that puts its customers needs first is going to be a winner. Great waiting staff will be friendly, attentive but unobtrusive. It is great when a waiter or maitre’d shows some personality and engages diners in some way. The best Thai Restaurants in Melbourne have friendly and chatty staff who engage customers and also provide great service.

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The final component – Thai Food! You can’t have a great Thai Restaurant without great food. For me it’s all about freshness and attention to detail. Is the meat fresh and tender? Are the vegetables fresh and crunchy? That’s what i look for first. Then how the vegatables are cut and presented is next most important. You can tell when the chefs and kitchen staff put great care and pride in their work. Finally, the delicate balance of flavours and spices in Thai Food are what make it brilliant. Sour and spicy, salty and sweet – great Thai Chefs – and restaurants understand how to combine and balance these flavours perfectly.

Of course, there are more than just these 3 things when it comes to finding a great Thai Restaurant in Melbourne. However any Thai Restaurant that can master these important three will be a winner in my books. Some Thai Restaurants that fit this bill are Chilli n Chive , Trinitas Thai Camberwell and Ghin Kao Thai in Melbourne CBD. Of course if you are looking for Beaconsfield Restaurants you cannot go past us.

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Tanya September 15, 2012 at 7:29 am

We are trying Chilli n Chive for the first time tonight, so will check back later with some feedback. I hope its lives up to its rave reviews and personal recommendations i have had, i’m really looking for a great local Pad Thai :)


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